I’m a sun that doesn’t burn hot
I’m a moon that never shows its face
I’m a mouth that doesn’t smile
I’m a word that no one ever wants to say
Are you satisfied?

Do you miss the things you love
Or love the things you miss?
If I believe in you
Why don’t you believe in yourself?
Are you satisfied?

I don’t ever want to feel like I did that day
Now I’m wearing a smile that I don’t believe in,
Inside I feel like screaming
Because I got lost in his eyes and never found my way out
Are you satisfied?

My sadness is killing me slowly
I shut everybody out
But a promise doesn’t mean a thing anymore
I guess it’s better that way
Are you satisfied?

Thank you for staying by my side
Even though I tried to push you away
I’m searching so hard
I’ve lost myself
Are you satisfied?

I just want you, that’s it
All your flaws, mistakes, smiles
Giggles, jokes, sarcasm
Everything I just want you
Are you satisfied?

In the words of Sylvia Plath
“It is so much safer not to feel
Not to let the world touch me”
At this point love me or leave me alone
Are you satisfied?

Someday someone’s going to look at you
Like you’re the best thing in the world
And that day is today
And that person is me
Are you satisfied?

I remember myself screaming
For you to come back
I remember having hope
Why do you only call me when you’re high?
A paraphrasing from Christina Perry
“Your words in my head
Knives in my heart
You build you up
And then I fall apart”

It’s just crazy how happy someone can make you
And in the blink of an eye
They’re gone
I know I say I like to be alone
But I would rather
Be alone
With you
Because the hours between 12 am
And 6 am have a funny habit
Of making you feel on top of the world
Or under it
And between those times you realize
It is easier to leave than to be left

So I will ask one more time…

Are you satisfied?

A beautiful poem written by this lovely

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